Iceland Wedding Flowers

Outside of the Alaskan Lupines which grow wild everywhere here in Iceland (from June 15th-July 15th) there are no other flowers that grow naturally that are bouquet worthy.  All other flowers here grow in greenhouses or are imported for Iceland wedding bouquets.  Good news though!  We are happy to offer you a small selection available for rental for Iceland wedding bouquets and boutonnieres.  Please contact us about pricing and if your favorite is available for your desired date.


“Southern Girls Weddings” Purple Iceland Wedding Bouquet:


“Southern Girls Weddings” Pink Iceland Wedding Bouquet:


Shades of Purple Iceland Wedding Bouquet:


Shades of Pink Iceland Wedding Bouquet:



Dried Lavender Iceland Wedding Flowers:


Iceland Wedding Buttonhole / Boutineere:


Iceland Wedding Boutineere (with succulents):