Frequently Asked Questions:

Thanks so much for finding us and taking the time to read more about our company!  Hopefully since you have made it this far, you realize we are not your typical type of destination wedding planners, as we plan adventure weddings in Iceland.  We get many daily inquiries from people around the world wanting to plan their weddings here.  So please take a few minutes to make sure we would be a good fit for you by reading through the below!

1.) What is an adventure wedding?

–An incredibly unique unforgettable wedding day EXPERIENCE.  We discover and explore the unique pure areas of Iceland, AWAY from tourist locations.  Most of our weddings are action packed (seeing / doing) beginning with hair / makeup at 6am and ending around 11pm after having a delicious 3-5 course meal (17 hour days on average, but we can scale back or add “bail out” points along the way as needed).  Please see HERE for more information on our adventure weddings.

2.) How soon should you book your Iceland wedding day (or Iceland elopement)?

–We often book weddings 18-24 months before the couples desired wedding date.  Why? This ensures the best hotels (luxury houses or AirBB’s) will have enough rooms for you (and your group) and also because Iceland is a major tourist hot spot right now.  Also know that, the majority of our weddings are 1 to 3+ hours outside of the city of Reykjavik so this means you will be exploring from a countryside host hotel and during high season (May-August) this becomes harder if you wait less than a year.  We have accommodated smaller groups or Iceland elopements under a year but you must not be set on a specific date or time of week.

3.) Best time to get married in Iceland?

–This all depends on what the objective of your trip is (IE, Hiking, Northern Lights, or want warmer temperatures, activity driven, etc).  We wrote a blog post several years ago on this topic HERE if you want more indepth information.

Our personal favorite months follow: February and March (best for ice caves and Northern Lights); April (often our driest month); May-August (long daylight hours); September-October (fall is gorgeous here!)  Other months November-January have short daylight hours (3-6 hours a day).

4.) What sets Iceland Wedding Planner apart from other planning companies in Iceland?

–First: We plan and photograph adventure weddings (you’re hiring one team to handle the two most important aspects of your wedding day), not church to reception type of weddings.

Second: The majority of our locations are offbeat and on private land  (requiring permits or special permissions) so the likelihood of running into other tourists while you’re exploring is typically slim.

Third: The Experience!  From start to finish we offer a very unique wedding planning platform… We want your planning time with us to feel like fun “date nights” not stressful life moments.  From Skyping with your smiling faces (we want to get to know you) to how we present the wedding day locations to how we transition your day from just a “wedding day” to a unforgettable wedding day EXPERIENCE, you’ll enjoy every minute!

Fourth:  We are North Americans living in Iceland. The Owner, Ann Peters actually held the first adventure style wedding here over 5+ years ago.  Plus, we personally know how North Americans do details, expect a certain level of service, and creature comforts so rest assured your Iceland dream wedding (or Iceland elopement) will come true.  On top of all that, English is our first language so communicating with us will be easy.

Fifth: We do not do any up-charging on services.  You pay our team of vendors directly (Note: Other wedding planning companies here in Iceland will do an upcharge of 20-30% or more, on top of the price you are paying. We choose to not play those games and pass savings back to you guys rather than taking them for profit).

Sixth: Not only do we do adventure, but we do luxury adventure weddings.  No other wedding planner in Iceland can pull off an adventurous luxury elopement or American style large wedding  in Iceland like we do… Check out one of our 100+ weddings HERE (and the video of it HERE).

5.) Does Iceland Wedding Planner offer planning only packages?

–Not often, but for the right couple / situation we may. But know our team is used to (and always prepared) to get amazing wedding photos regardless of the ever-changing weather conditions here and know Iceland / our secret locations well (for plan b, c, d as needed). That said having a local photographer provides a better experience for you overall.

Also Note: We require any outside of our team folks to sign an NDA (non-disclosure agreement) and a Non-Compete.  Why?  Our locations are secret and many times on private property.  Out of respect for the land owners and our business we require this, no exceptions.

6.) Does Iceland Wedding Planner plan weddings in tourist locations (IE, Seljalandsfoss, Skogafoss, Reynisfjara, etc)?

–Short answer is no.  But for the right couple who has a specific request or love of a location we will certainly make an exception.  Our general rule of thumb is that if a tour bus can get there, we don’t.

7.) Does Iceland Wedding Planner offer Rentals?

–Yes! Please check out the different Iceland wedding rental topics HERE.

8.) Does Iceland Wedding Planner allow out of country photographers on our photography team?

–See above (if a couple brings you in themselves).  If you are soliciting us to “promote” your services without ever working with us (or meeting us) the answer is a kind “no, thank you.”   Please do not send us emails offering your services free of charge, we are not interested nor our type of clients (Kind Side Note: Your “bucketlist shoots” are devaluing the industry).

Furthermore, we are a tiny country in the North Atlantic (only 330,000 people live here), we hope you understand and respect that we need to support the people living here and their livelihood (cost of living here is more than NYC and we don’t have dollar menus).

9.) Does Iceland Wedding Planner offer Workshops?

–Yes! This is a fantastic way for a photographer who wishes to shoot a wedding in Iceland meet us, learn what an “adventure wedding” entails, and shoot a fabulous couple in our offbeat locations! See HERE for more details.

10.)  Does Iceland Wedding Planner execute weddings in the countryside churches?

–We typically do not, but for the right couple we will consider.  The style of weddings we craft are adventure style.  So as long as you are interested in having the rest of the day exploring after the ceremony, we’re in!  See one of our favorite clients Christophe and Mary’s wedding day that went from Church to Adventure Wedding, HERE.

11.) Does Iceland Wedding Planner craft experiences outside of wedding days?

–Yes of course!  We are thrilled to offer the following services: Adventurous Marriage Proposals, Couples Sessions, and Vow Renewals (planning and photography).

12.)  Is Iceland Wedding Planner a Tour Operator / Travel Agent? 

–No.  We prefer to focus on what we are best at… Crafting incredible Elopements, Iceland Weddings and planning romantic offbeat non-touristy adventures.  We are not part of the Icelandic Tourist Board for that very reason.  We offer a very unique personal boutique service offering full day ADVENTURES in the countryside and prefer to not waste our time shuttling around people to/from the airport, making our clients stay in Reykjavik or having you do all of the tourist location nonsense during your wedding day escapades.  We go against the grain and want you to experience the pure side of Iceland…

Visiting hidden caves, private waterfalls, secret canyons, and knowing what it feels like to be some of the very first people to lay your eyes on the birth of new landscape!  It’ll feel so new that you’ll have that overwhelming feeling to want to plant a flag saying you “just discovered this” at every location you go to!  Now, THAT feeling is priceless and doesn’t come with the backing of any tourist board 😉

13.) Does Iceland Wedding Planner offer privacy agreements for high profile clients?

–Always! We respect and appreciate your privacy. For that reason, we do not feature every wedding we plan or photograph throughout the year, so if you wish your Iceland wedding adventure to remain private, we are happy to oblige.

14.) Does Iceland Wedding Planner “Collaborate” in Styled Sessions with teams outside of Iceland?

–We are already a frequently published team for our adventure style weddings (worldwide, see here and here).  If interested in “collaborating” with us we require a project daily rate (cost will depend on size and scope of what you are looking for) and expenses covered in addition to the usage of the photos on our site.  We also do not consider taking on these types of projects during high season which is between May 15-October 15 (please understand and respect this).  If interested in high season shooting, please sign up for one of our workshops.  If interested please contact us with very specific details on your project scope. Note: You and your team will be required to sign NDA’s and Non-Compete agreements, no exceptions.


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