Iceland Wedding Photographer | Chloe + Danny’s Adventure

THESE TWO!  Seriously.  Be still my off-beat soul!  If you skip my text and hurry to the visuals, you’ll understand what I mean!

But!  For good measure, let’s take a moment and rewind back to 2012… When this amazing couple went on their first adventure to Iceland and well, guess what?  That handsome devil, Danny romantically proposed underneath the Northern Lights!  And my blue haired beauty Chloe, of course said YES!  Ummm yeah, who wouldn’t right?!  Can we all have an Icelandic marriage proposal please (or a do-over, right?)? 😉  You set the bar high Danny!

After returning home to England, they began thinking about where they wanted to wed and truthfully could not top the idea of going back to Iceland to get married!  So they contacted Iceland Wedding Planner, to turn their day into an unforgettable adventure for themselves and guests!

The day began at the wonderful Northern Lights Inn, where at 8am the guests all loaded a bus to go to the famed Thingvellir National Park for the couple’s Iceland sunrise wedding ceremony at Öxarárfoss Waterfall.  Despite the rain, the scene was set by uber romantic mini lanterns and white chiavari chairs (yes they exist in Iceland)!  Chloe and Danny vowed their undying love for each other and their friends and family totally swooned!

From there the journey continued into downtown Reykjavik for lunch and more exploring the sights and sounds the bustling downtown offers.  The group then made their way to the gorgeous Krysuvik-Seltun geothermal area.  A picturesque natural wonder where the couple ran around hand in hand in the midst of bubbling mud-pots and dramatic steam!  After returning to the hotel, the guests and couple had a chance to relax and catch their second wind. The details and reception vibe eluded to a very bewitched beauty, so the accouterments did not take away from the amazing adventurous wedding day in Iceland. It was a non-traditional Iceland wedding day full of adventure and the night ended with a gorgeous nighttime shoot (shot about 1am) at the famous Blue Lagoon!  It was windy and cold but Danny and Chloe kept each other warm!  Enjoy their Iceland wedding images below!

Chloe + Danny,

I heart you, that simple!  I didn’t want your fantastic wedding day to end…I needed like 12 more hours with you!  Since I can’t rewind time, I encourage you to come back and celebrate your wedding anniversary here every year, okay?  Or else I’m going to kidnap you both next time I’m in Bristol and hold you captive here for endless amounts of Iceland post wedding photo sessions 😉  Thank you for choosing Photos by Miss Ann and IWP to plan and photograph your unforgettable Icelandic wedding adventure!  Lots of hugs and love to you! 

With a smile, Ann (Iceland Wedding Planner and Photographer)

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